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Check out the new book “Life in the slipstream-The legend of Bobby Walthour Sr.” By Andrew Homan

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See Where It All Began

Over four generations, athletic success has reoccurred in the Walthour family like an echo.Even in some of the world’s most elite sporting circles, the mere mention of the surname has struck fear for more than a century.

“Walthour” is unquestionably the most enduring name in American cycling, and possibly in American sport. The legacy began with Bobby Walthour Sr. – better known as the “Dixie Flyer” – who is respected as the forefather of cycling in the United States. It continued a generation later with his son, Bobby Jr., who was a national champion and multiple Six Day Champion in the 1920s and 1930s. Bobby Jr’s cousin, Jimmy Walthour, was a national champion and Six Day racer.

Walthour Sr. is a member of the New York and Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, and was inducted into the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame. Along with Greg Lemond and Lance Armstrong, he is considered the best bike racer the United States has ever produced. The Walthours are so intrinsic to cycling lore that legend has it Bobby Sr. and his wife inspired the famous show tune “Bicycle Built for Two.”

Bobby Walthour 1

  • 1903 -04 World Motor Paced Champion
  • Multiple Six day Champion
  • Member United States Bicycling Hall of Fame
  • Member State of Georgia Sports Hall of Fame
  • Member State of New York Sports Hall of Fame

Bobby Walthour Jr.

  • Multiple six day champion
  •  1921 U.S. Amateur Sprint Champion
  • Member United States Bicycling Hall of Fame

Jimmy Walthour

  • 1927 Road and Track National Champion
  • Six day Champion
  • Member United States Bicycling Hall of Fame
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