What Bikes are Right for You and Your Family or Friends?

Whether you want to enjoy our scenic roads, explore the trails or just cruise around town, Island Bike Shop has the perfect rental bike. Are you visiting the area and leaving your bike at home? Are you just looking to have an incredibly fun afternoon with visiting friends or family? No matter the reason, we have an entire fleet of bicycles waiting for you to rent. Just browse our bike information below, select the bikes you need and we’ll make sure we meet your reservation needs, please try and give us a 5 day advance notice. Certain weeks of the year we get very busy, and we will sometimes run out of bicycles to rent for a day or so, but don’t hesitate to call or stop by and we will try the best we can to find a bike as soon as possible to fit your needs.

Here are Some Great Rental Options for Different Riders

Marco Island


Give us a call today to make a reservation or choose your equipment online now!